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As technology and fast consumerism increasingly permeate our lives and the lives of our children, Duga is borne out of the nostalgic love for toys from yesteryear, individually made with great care and built to last. 

Duga's journey began in 2019, when founder Tanja Šošić hiked from Brela in Croatia to the top of Durmitor in Montenegro. Immersed in extraordinary landscapes and pushed to her physical limits, she became more aware of every scent, colour and sound, finding great inspiration in the simplicity of a life more attuned to nature.

Along this transformative trip, Tanja befriended Nada Tadić, a like-minded individual and trained seamstress, who shared her passion for beautiful craft. Inspired by their common love for the sea, they longed to offer children a more tactile play experience, inviting them to create their own stories and let their imagination run wild. Duga was born soon after this magical encounter.

Aside from their commitment to creating beautifully made stuffed toys built to last, and to stimulating children's imagination the world over, Tanja and Nada wanted to celebrate the sea and its wonderful creatures, at times where pollution and climate change are threatening this magical kingdom.

Besides, why would teddy bears be the stuffed toy of choice when an octopus can delight you with an eight-legged hug? 

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Photo: Tanja Šošić with Duga's toys

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All Duga toys are made individually by hand thanks to Nada's expert meticulousness and precision.


The founders paid special attention and care in selecting the right materials: from the squishy softness of cashmere, wool, cotton or terry for the filling, to the textured quality of raw silk for the toys' skins, wonderfully natural to the touch and fragrant to the nose.


If you close your eyes you can almost smell the scent of freshly cut hay...